Election Transparency Initiative

Citizen Observer Portal

Transparency is the key to deterring fraud and ensuring free and fair elections for all voters. If you are unable to work as a formal poll watcher or poll worker, you can still contribute to election transparency by using this guide, and the associated forms linked below.

Learn more about the program by viewing this short video: Video Introduction to the Citizen Election Observation program

Election Day and Early In-Person Voting
On election day, or during early voting, please review and fill in the simple form (linked below) as you go through the voting process. If you are reading this before the election, and would like to wear Citizen Election Observer badge as you vote, please download the PDF here, print either the color or black and white pages (depending on your printer), and place them back-to-back in a conference badge pouch, or glue them together to hang from a button, lanyard, or string.


Pre-Election Environment
If you have time before or during election day, you can help evaluate the pre-environment in your area by completing the short survey linked below.

Incident Report Form
If you witness a serious incident of election malpractice or fraud before or during elections, you can report that using the "Incident Report Form" linked below.

Information about Election Observation
To learn more about citizen election observation, click the link below.

Election Reform Survey
Please provide your opinion on a few critical election reform issues by clicking the link below.

Get Involved
To do more to help ensure election integrity:
become a poll watcher or poll worker or join an Election Integrity group in your area; click the "Get Involved link below". At this page you can also learn more about the Election Transparency Initiative and The America Project, and how your participation will help promote election integrity. You can also get a free template to print your own Citizen Election Observer hang tag.

Additional Election Integrity Resources

Additional Resources include:
State Election Integrity Guides
State Poll Watching, Observer and Challenger Guides
Graphics for Election Integrity Tools Distribution
Florida EI Topic Sections
Citizen Election Observer Program
Long-Term Observer Reports
Canvassing Low-Propensity Voters
Constitutional Sheriffs and Election Integrity
Links to Other EI Organizations

Together let's make the 2022 elections the freest, fairest, and most transparent election in history!

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